Friday, May 29, 2009

Sunglasses, who need 'em?

I was so worried about getting new sunglasses, but who needs 'em when it rains for weeks at a time?

That's what we've had for the past week, unceasing dark clouds, thunder, lightning, and torrential rain. Oh, some days it was just a gentle shower, but at times, it was torrential. Seems as if this is the tail end of possibly the first tropical storm of the season, which had doused Florida very well last week, now it was here in the Midwest dropping more rain.

The torrents hit when I was driving home from the eye doctor without my new sunglasses! Turns out I didn't need them at all! It rained so hard I could barely see the white lines on the highway to drive straight! It was white-knuckle and prayer time, for sure! And when I got home, not a drop had fallen.

Same thing happened Sunday when we took the little boy cousins to the Museum of Transportation in southwest county. It was cloudy the whole time we were there, but got really dark and thundery when we were ready to leave. Just as we got to the cars, the heavens opened, and it was raining so hard, my son couldn't see the road to drive. We pulled over and stopped for about 15 minutes, then as we drove north toward our home, the pavement became dry, and once we were home, not a drop of rain had fallen.

So the gods must be crazy mad at some people, to dump so much rain on them, and others have fared better. But all this rain has meant everything is green and lush, so Mother Nature knows what she is doing, even if we humans don't like to have our outdoor plans spoiled by the rain.

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