Wednesday, August 13, 2008


What is it about babies and young children that makes them not want to take naps? What do they think they are missing while they are sleeping? As we get older, and our energy level wanes more quickly, we should all get a chance to nap. I think naps are the greatest gift from God a person can get!

During the past two months, SEWWHAT? was involved with costuming a musical that had a cast of 31. That meant dressing these 31 beautiful talented people in one, or two or more costumes. Some things could be found at the local thrift shops (best bet of the month can be found at the closest one, last Wednesday of the month everything that you can wear is 1/2 price!) Some items were recycled from the costume collection owned by the theatre group, but about 65 items had to be made from scratch by moi.

When you get into this intense costuming routine, with only a few weeks to complete a lot of stuff, it's pretty well a morning, noon and nightime job that you are working on. My sewing machines of various sorts that I have around my craft room were whirring their little brains out for weeks preparing for the final dress rehearsal. This leaves very little time for naps when you are doing this. I would get a chance for 1 or 2 5-minute power naps to revive my spirits and get me over exhausted slumps, but NO REAL NAPS were to be had during this time.

The intense costuming period was followed by a 2500 mile road trip that TC (Traveling Companion) and I went on. Oh sure, there were times I nodded off in the vehicle while we were clicking off the miles, maybe more than I remember, but that's not the same as languishing in a comfy bed with my soft fur-ball maker at my side.

Then came a wonderful vist with the relatives. Napping didn't seem appropriate when people came 2000 miles to visit, so the naps were not in the daily agenda. But, they left at noon yesterday. I came home from the airport saying, now I get my long needed nap! My body responded to the invitation, in bed with the covers, many pillows and soft fur-ball maker nearby, and gloriously I got a 3 HOUR NAP! Hooray for napping, it should be a national pasttime, like it is in some countries.

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