Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Harley Dreams

Ok, this whole Harley talk has gotten my long-remembered, but deeply buried dreams brought to the surface.

I dream of riding a big black and chrome Harley. I want flame tatooes writhing up my arms, from wrists to bulging biceps. I want black biker chaps and a black leather vest, with a skull cap helmet (just for safety!) on my head. Big wrap around aviator glasses. AND, where am I going on my Harley? Why to Sturgis, SD, of course.

My favorite show for a while was American Chopper. How did they build those crazy machines out of tubes and tires and some fancy paint? They were awesome.

What crazy things go through an old lady's mind as she passes way past youth, with youthful indescretions only a fleeting memory! We're just too sensible to be caught on a Harley at this age.

But we can dream our dreams!

However, most people I see riding Harleys have quite the silver glint at the temples. Maybe it is the age when you can finally afford a Harley, you've raised your kids and did you job, and now it's time to have some fun! My friend and I still talk about buying motorcycles as a response to the gas price crisis! We are the same age, so that would be quite a picture, the two of us on our motorcyles, riding down life's road together.

P.S. to children, no I'm not going shopping for a Harley tomorrow!

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NV said...

Take this advice: "Old" is always 10 years older than you are. It's working for most of our circle so far. :-)