Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Cattitude with attitude

There have been many fur-balls in my life. Most have been feline, with one 14 year session with canine. So, wearing fur hasn't been an option for me since I was a kid, because something always lived with me that shed. For a few years, we added guinea pigs to the mix. Now, I'm down to one cat with attitude.

You see, he can be loving and cuddly. But only on his own terms. Besides loads of Whiskas per day, he needs his taste of human flesh every now and then. A nip here on the calf, a tooth mark on the arm, all to keep his owner in line, and to make sure she plays by his rules.

Here are some rules that this cat with attitude has laid down in this house:

Rule #1--the bed is mine. If you should happen to think otherwise, a quick nip to the foot in the middle of the night will convince you of that fact! Better watch out when rolling over.

Rule #2--I claim the most comfortable of chairs also. One is particularly fascinating as I manicure my nails. Oh well, it's only upholstery.

Rule #3--when I want a drink, you'd better come over and turn on the faucet so I can have a stream of clean fresh water for my beverage. Oh, OK, when I'm in a pinch, fresh toilet water will do, but it's not my favorite.

Rule #4--Feet poked under the bed are just begging to be pounced upon. Why else would you poke feet under the bed? Surely you can't be making the bed, or just casually walking by. I can justify sinking my teeth in those ankles, after all, they are just standing there.

Rule #5--If purring were an Olympic sport, I would be a gold medal winner. I am loud, strong, and lay it on thick, when I'm in a good mood.

Rule #6--I generally rule the roost. You are allowed to live here, be my soft mattress when I want to lay on the chair that you are in, you are allowed to fill my food dish, clean my litter pan, and let me in and out at my whim.

Even though I have these hard and fast rules, you must know one other thing. I do cherish you. I miss you when you are gone a long time, meowing loudly for attention and rubbing my soft golden fur on your pants for an hour after you come home. You are mine, I will care for you. I will warn you when danger approaches. Just dive under the bed with me, and we'll both be safe.

What would we do without these little pea-brained fur balls in our lives?


MonkeyGirl said...

He misses you so much when you are gone that he almost lets someone touch him. But then he remembers that he has a huge cattitude and takes off for the safety and comfort of of your closet - I think, I can never find him!

NV said...

Ummm, yeah. I have narrowly escaped a mood swing or two of his.