Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Shakespeare shake up!

I've been asked by my dear friend Dr. J to help costume a Shakespeare show that she is directing. I am working with a very talented costumer who has done plenty of these types of gigs. Tonight we chatted about what will be our next step in costuming the 4 brides in "As You Like It" done by the Riverside Shakespeare Festival, in St. Charles, MO. These dresses are the concepts given to us by the director for 2 of the brides.
The main costumer has many costumes in her collection that may fit the criteria that the director has given us. So building new costumes may not be something I will have to cram into the next week's agenda, because they may already exist! Problem is, tonight and tomorrow were two really big chunks of time that I was going to dedicate to the process of building, but I don't know what to build! Hope once decisions are made that I can actually squeeze them into my schedule, because one week from Saturday, I'M GOING TO DISNEYWORLD! Costumes that I need to do need to be done by then! Well, there's always quilting that I can use my time and fabric for!

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