Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Boys and their quilts

My grandsons who live in Iowa all have birthdays from January to May. The littlest one's birthday is 3 weeks after Christmas, so I didn't know what to give him then. The other two had birthdays in April and May. Grandma needed to give them gifts. So, of course, it would have to be quilts!
The older boys love pirates and share a room. So I used a layer cake collection of fabric that had the pirate theme. The collection had two color palettes, and I didn't love them together, so I separated them into black, red and white for the oldest boy.
And the middle child got the blue,green and brown palette.
I started and stopped a couple of times deciding on what to make for the youngest. It was going to be based on a transportation theme somehow. I had several collections of fabrics started when I spotted this "BusyTown" licensed fabric, I fell in love and purchased it.
I also made pillowcases for each boy to go with their quilts. In the pillowcases were the quilts, a book for bedtime reading, and a gift card to Toys R Us, just in case the quilts didn't make an impression.
I think they were a hit. Within a day, they were snuggled in their quilts, reading their books, and making their grandma happy!
My youngest grandchild is a snuggle bug, and slept with me the first night I was there. He is quite a cutie, and loved his quilt, and was carrying it around and hiding under it the whole time I was there. His BusyTown book has some of the same pictures that are on the quilt, which really excited him. There is also a BusyTown cartoon show on cable TV, which we watched on Saturday. This was a good choice on my part, becsuse it really excited them.
It was a really fun weekend, and I was glad to be with my grandsons, who I haven't seen since Christmas. We had a great time together.

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Dolores said...

Love the quilts!!! Great idea for the pillow cases too:)