Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Where has the time gone?

Here it is, the end of July, and I haven't made a blog post in two months. Where has the time gone? This summer, I decided not to costume a play. But that hasn't kept me out of the sewing room, because I've been making quilts. I didn't end up doing the costumes for the Shakespeare play, but did make a couple of poets shirts for the main costumer. But I squeezed in some quilts before our family went to Disneyworld from June 9-15. Then I made more after I got back home. Here's the summer inventory of quilts finished: 3 queen size patriotic quilts 3 kids quilts for my grandsons' birthdays 2 Magic Square quilts, one for a child and one for a retiring colleague 3 other kids quilts 3 jelly roll race quilts Finished several quilt tops that I started in spring. So you can see, the sewing machines have been busy. During July, I went to visit my sister in OR, we attended a quilt show and worked on a project for her newly built home on the Oregon coast. We didn't finish, so, I'm going back the first weekend in August! Summer vacation isn't over yet!

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jenny said...

And then you jumped down, turned around and picked a bale of cotton! Jean, you're making my head spin! I'm surprised you have time to draw breath, let alone Quilt!

Still, I'm glad you're blogging again... :)