Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tired Tuesday

It's Tuesday of tech week, and I'M TIRED! How can I make it through to next Sunday and live to tell the tale?

Today, it was non-stop at work from 7:30 a.m. to 2. I had 2 exams to give, grade, and pass back to students. I only got one set partially done, the rest awaits me on my desk tomorrow.

Then, at 2, the director of "A Christmas Carol" and I had a little chat about things she wanted to be changed for costumes. We had to take a detour to the warehouse of costumes, and then it was home to sew garments. I got three things done, one was a simple alteration, the other was a modification of one piece and a completely new garment for Marley. It was quite an improvement over what he looked like yesterday, so it was worth it. But there is another costume that I need to build tomorrow, one of my "sheet skirts"--buy a cheap used sheet for $1 or $2 and you can get two nice gathered skirts from it. I've relied on this technique for several of my costumes so far, and it will work for this one also.

So, I don't get to bed until 11, and get up at 5:30. I'll be ready for a nice long nap along about next Monday.

But wait, I still haven't done any Christmas shopping. I may have to put off that nap for another week after the Christmas festivities have ended.

Nite-ty-night, see you later, alligator!

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