Monday, January 30, 2012


It seems that many quilters have things stuck away they call UFOs, otherwise known as unfinished objects. Piecing is fun, but the next step of putting the backing, filling and top together and quilting and binding it is a challenge, and often is a roadblock deciding which a method to use to do this.

This one is unfinished because I've just have not had time to finish it. I call this one "WILD THING". I never thought it would turn out this bright! I said, I didn't know if you could sleep in the same room with it, because it might glow in the dark! The batik collection was called Tonga Treats, Lollipops. Whew, it's BRIGHT! But I do like it.

This one is unfinished because it has a ripply border. I need to rip it off and try again. If it doesn't lay flat, it is a challenge to quilt it. Some time!

My hangup with finishing my quilts has been how to do the quilting. So many quilts that are exquisitely quilted take months to complete, I don't want to spend that kind of time on them. So, I've taken to either "stitching in the ditch" technique, "stitching across the ditch" by using a decorative stitch on the lines where the pieces are joined, or a simple bar tack at strategic places. They have all worked out. I tried "stippling", which is a technique of free motion quilting. My lovely quilting machine was very picky and stubborn on this and wouldn't cooperate with me on doing it with the thread I was using. So I gave up and need to explore using different thread and see if that makes the picky machine happier.

Hope I can finish these at some time this year.

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