Friday, February 11, 2011

First of "Reckless" pics

This part of the show Reckless was the most fun to create, one member of this scene is backstage at the time. It's fun to costume with absolute utter abandon, and wih a creative director saying, "Genius, go for it!"

Two of the reviewers commented thusly on this:
From Steve Callahan, KDHX "Costumes by Jean Heckmann are a delight, especially the glitzy, cheesy suit of the game show host and the mad gear worn by the contestants!"

From the Ladue News: "Jean Heckmann's costumes were most notewowrthy in the garish and gaudy game showe scene, with host Mark Abels alone worth the price of admission for his tawdry tie and painfully mismatched wardrobe."

I've gotten liminted response from reviewers for some of the bigger shows I've costumed, some commenting only on shoes, and in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor dream coat, no mention of the coat that took days to create! But that reviewer did like the Elvis Pharoah's blue suede shoes! For Oklahome, the only mention of the costumes was that the pig farmer's boots were too clean. Now, I try to pay closer attention to footwear these days, since the wrong footwear seems to draw attention away from everything else.

I'm pleased with the results of this show, I thought it turned out well as far as costuming. We made lots of trips to the local thrift store, and the outlet store for certain items, but things such as a purple and red lame suit coat can only be built, this one was fun to make and certainly made the proper impression for the character.

Hooray for this one!

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