Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Pile of Kleenex, and menthol breath

That is my plight right now--I've emptied at least 3 Kleenex boxes in the past 3 days, and have had to search for the Halls. I've been lucky to evade the swine flu, the seasonal allergies, the winter cold, and now it is March. This is my traditional month to succumb to whatever virus is still left standing after all those others have passed away.

Right now, I'm only slightly miserable, with a drippy nose and sneezes a-plenty. I hope it doesn't get much more troublesome.

So wish my antibodies luck, fight off this virus, and leave me to enjoy my spring break next week with a healthy body!

1 comment:

NV said...

Hope that, by now, you're well again! I'm slooowly catching up on my Reader. Dear lord, it's a wonder it didn't explode at some point in the past few weeks!