Saturday, March 28, 2009

One step forward, several steps back.....

We're preparing for a new play, to go on stage April 17, 2009. It's called "Stepping Out", and the story line follows amateur tap dancers and their lives as they go forward each week to learn how to dance, and ultimately put on the show of their lifetime! The interplay between characters is as important as the development of their dance steps, which is what makes this play funny and interesting.

Our actresses (8) and actor (9), are struggling with the "interplay" part. They've learned their lines at home, learned the dance steps in special Sunday rehearsals, but the interplay part is not there yet. During one rehearsal, they are spot on, and then they forget what they did the next rehearsal. Each of their own lives and circumstances plays a part in this, one has a dead engine in her car, and has had to deal with that, another was diagnosed with a broken hip--what happened several years ago, but was undiagnosed, and now is causing trouble. The piano player is struggling to learn her music, and to come in with lines at the right time. Even though the director still has all of her hair follicles undisturbed, she is frustrated and scared. I still have a huge bunch of costumes to make and fit on a somewhat challenging set of bodies!

So, we make one step forward with a good practice, or a big block of time to devote to sewing. Then something happens at the next practice, or the time just disappears without much to show for it.

I've had to draft all my patterns based on ready-made clothing, or highly adapt the patterns I do have to make them work for this play. I've never had to do this before. I hope it all works out OK.

We're supposed to get snow today, and I need some black satin and some grey stretch fabric. Hope I can find both before the snow starts to fly.

So, while I'm snowed in, I want to get some of my sewing done. Goodbye, the fabric stores just opened!

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