Sunday, May 23, 2010

A very special day

How often do we let a day go by and not think about it, maybe even wish it away? I know I do that all too often. But what if our days were numbered?

What if we were facing a terribly serious illness with very clouded positive outcomes? Would we value our days as more precious if that were the case?

I spent a good part of Saturday with my friend who was diagnosed with ovarian cancer last year, right about this time. She had those vague symptoms that they say indicate that ovarian cancer might be the cause. She had it all checked out over and over again, but no positive diagnosis, until the nasty tumor grew huge in the space of a few weeks. By that time, it was deemed to be in the later stages, the stages in which it is much more difficult to cure.

She had surgery, which was extensive. She endured a nasty infection. Then she started chemo. For months she endured the ravages of the chemo, and then the bad news came that it wasn't working. So, on to plan B, a different type of chemo was tried.

I saw her for the first time last summer after the surgery and the infection, there was my friend, but she had changed. The poor girl was so skinny! But her smile and determination still was there. Yesterday, we got together for a shopping trip and lunch, and she looked fabulous. She seemed to have her old energy back and we talked and talked. It was such a wonderful day!

On my way home, I felt like I had just spent time in a very holy place, because I felt so honored that, on one of her good days, she chose to spend it with me! That was a gift to me, because my friend is so important to me. We have been colleages at the college for 5 years, I have always loved working with her. I feel priviliged to be able to spend time with her, whether we were sharing time in the office, or having lunch somewhere off campus.

To my dear friend B, my prayers are with you as you continue your journey toward beating this insidious disease that you have been given to endure. We all ask why.... why does it strike the young, the good, the ones who have had other challenges in life? I guess we don't get that answer while we are on earth, it's on my list to ask God when and if I get to heaven!

And as for me, I won't take my days for granted. We are not promised tomorrow...something we all need to remember. So--CARPE DIEM! Pass me the ice cream!

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NV said...

I'm glad your friend is doing well! You're absolutely right -- tomorrow is guaranteed to none of us, so I try to remind myself of that regularly. I think it's a great policy.