Saturday, February 14, 2009

My Girl

About two weeks ago, I was approached to host an international student in my home. The home, being a total wreck after 6 weeks of costuming following Christmas, was not in any shape for anyone to come any further inside than the front door mat. But I managed to scrape up the threads from the rugs, clean the bathroom, and put the dirty dishes into the diswasher, just to make it through the first day with my new roommate.

She is from Korea, has been here for 6 months and will stay until the end of the semester. She is a delightful young woman, very fluent in English, and with a lot of talent. When she practices the piano, I think I have Chopin or Mozart living right in my living room. She is an artist, a floutist, and is taking Spanish. She knows how to do radio and Tv production--where can I stop with naming her talents?

We've managed to adjust to each other's schdules, which seems to be the hardest thing to coordinate, since I am her source of transportation. She hasn't made me late for school any day, and I haven't made her late on her days to go when I don't need to go.

The M & M's met her last week. Mommy had taught them how to say hello in Korean, but they were too shy to say it. They played together that evening, and B gave them a little gift from Korea that night. Now Little Girl M calls her "my girl". She said, "Grandma, is your girl at your house?" "Grandma, where's your girl?" "Grandma, what's your girl's name?" (She forgot.) They've seen B three times now, and they really like her.

So I may have "my girl" for a while. She seemed to be shifting about from one host family to another but I hope she can stay here until she has to go back to Korea. She is missing her little doggie at home, and my nasty cat won't let her pet him without lashing out with a swipe of the paw or a snap of the teeth. I hope we can get over the homesickness part of her trip, but I know she misses her family. I am so glad to get to know someone well from Asia--she is a wonderful person to share some time with.

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